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December 10, 2018 at 1:54 AM EST
Remote Backup & Recovery

" TERA-Back "

Backup/Restore Services for Front Line Data Protection

A proven data protection backup and restore service that protects against data loss and corruption. With TERA-Back, data recovery and restoration is automated and guaranteed.


According to industry experts, the data storage needs of the Global 2000 companies will grow from an average size of 15 terabytes to 153 terabytes by the year 2003. This staggering growth is largely due to the fast-paced changes in the electronic global economy. Through the emergence and phenomenal growth of electronic business, companies have seen their potential markets reach across cities, throughout nations and around the world virtually overnight. Every visit to your Web page, every e-business transaction, every on-line service relies on your ability to deliver up-to-date, accurate information to your customers. The safeguarding of this information is critical to your business. With the amount of data growing exponentially, the cost and technical complexity of planning for data storage can be a daunting task.

StorageASP TERA-Back service is a proven data backup and storage solution to fit your business needs.
StorageASP TERA-Back service provides clients with connection to our leading edge tape backup utilities on our proprietary storage area network (SAN). Robust and scaleable backup resources are maintained in internet data centers connected through the SAN infrastructure. Customers’ systems connect directly into our SAN with no load or disruption to your LAN and WAN connections. Backup is invisible to your users and network services.
Likewise, data recovery and restoration is achieved with minimal interruption to business processes. StorageASP TERA-Back offloads the administrative overhead of data management and reduces your upfront costs by eliminating the need for specialized
hardware and software or specially trained staff.


Features at a glance
TERA-Back service offering from StorageASP is offered through data storage infrastructure located at IDCs, featuring:

  • 24x7 monitoring of backup and restore activities
  • Radpid time-to-market due to established storage infrastruture
  • Archive tape delivery or vaulting service
  • 24x7 customer support
  • Fast performance – 43GB/hour transfer rate
  • Application/Database Backup: Supports extensive applications and databases including MS-SQL, Exchange, Orage, and Sybase
  • Flexible and scalable: Add additional capacity when needs arise
  • Pay-as-you-go billing system

Service Benefits

  • Minimized back up time – Reliable & fast transfer allows reduced back up windows.
  • Improved restore time – Leading edge backup
  • and restore application in SAN environment improves restoration.
  • Free IT resources – Professionally manage and maintain backup needs, allowing your IT staff to focus on your business.
  • No capital expenditure – Pay-as-you-go model means no upfront capital expenditure.
  • No scalability & capacity concerns – Leave the scalability concerns up to us, and simply tell us when you need additional capacity.
  • Reduced backup cost – Pay-per-usage model means you pay monthly service charge only for what you have used.
  • Improved LAN Performance
  • Heterogeneous Interoperable support

Platforms Supported

TERA-Back service has the flexiblility to support various platforms, such as Windows NT & 2000, Linux, Solaris and HP-UX

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